Timber Tech Buildings

Timber Tech Buildings DEMO_2016

Design of timber structures

Design of timber structures

Timber Tech Buildings is a structural design software for analysis of timber shear walls structures realized

using both CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) and platform frame systems. The software is constantly evolving

and new features are added monthly so as to fully satisfy the needs of customers.


Automatic generation of the loads used in the analysis

Equivalent linear static and modal linear dynamic (response spectrum) analysis

Design and check of the CLT (including the vertical joints among panels) and framed walls

Check of the wall connections (hold down, brackets, screws, nails, punched straps or punched metal plates)

Check of the timber beams and the timber columns

Check of the timber floors and pitched roofs (CLT, joist floors, solid wood floors)

Material database (solid wood, glued laminated timber, OSB, plywood, CLT)

Connections database (hold down, brackets, screws, nails)

Automatic generation of the calculation report in Microsoft Word format Export and Import of Autocad DXF files

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Timber Tech Buildings


Timber Tech Buildings DEMO_2016

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